M•A•H stands for: Marketing, Advertising, Help. 

How Your Copywriter Can Bring You Wealth, Love, Success And Happiness

Did you know your copywriter could mean the difference between happiness or sorrow; between success or failure?

Picture a long room with doors at each end. In this room there's money and attractive affluent people.  Shelves of books that tell you the secret of happiness and many other valuable articles. 

However, also in this room are bottomless pits, traps and hostile people. There are dangerous beasts chained in various places around the room. You must walk through this room, yet you may take out of it anything you wish.

Now if you had a choice, would you choose? 1) Go through this room blindfolded. 2) Go through it with your eyes open and with written instructions on which places and people to avoid or visit. 

 Of course all of us would pick the second choice in a case like this. Isn't it unusual then that we would make a major business decision, the situation being the same, blindfolded!

Announcing your Copywriting Blueprint™. A structured process and strategy that navigates with eyes wide open. A system derived from decades of precise testing and data analysis of what gets response.  My system uses the same successful copywriting secrets of top masters of the craft. In a world of diluted truth, few have obtained and work these principles.

One thing to never forget is we're writing to humans. Human nature hasn't changed in thousands of years.

This is why Formula and Order is key. We need to tap into your customers desire. A famous quote from one of the masters of copywriting Eugene Schwartz says, "This is the copywriter's task: Not to create this mass desire - but to channel and direct it."

The power of aligning your services with the core values of your customers so that you move from trying to convince them to buy your product into compelling them to believe in something valuable. It's very important to write to their beliefs, feelings, and desires. By doing this you uncover their core buying complex.

Before writing the copy me and my team write out a narrative of the BFD complex. We discuss and do further research of the target market while coming to agreement on them. ​

Like an attorney in front of a jury. They have 100 percent closing rate, all jurors must be aligned with core values and not sold. Great litigators emphasize the core values. Can you see the passion here? An Attorney makes their case on the direction of the core values. Now you're compelling them to believe something. Confirmation on statements.

The art of writing is to write as if I'm speaking directly from behind their head and the person feels they are speaking it. The reader relates and feels part of the conversation. Familiar conversation. They say things like "that's something I would say." Or "that sounds like me." Or "this product is exactly what I've been looking for." They visualize themselves in possession of the product or using your services.

The USP Formula I've developed is unique and powerful. A well crafted USP can make millions. I start with the USP, an approximate 20 word sentence that says something about why your product is unique. Sometimes collaborating with others to dig down to get the real USP. This is a very key step as are all the steps I'm going to outline here for you.

A solid USP can't be the same as everyone else's product or I don't have a USP. Eugene Schwartz says everything is unique even if it's just the way you present it.

Tip 1 of 3: Write every reason people won't buy and turn it into a reason to buy.

The Hook & Headline Formula. This is worth $50,000 in the open market for a writer to develop a hook. I craft the Hook before writing the Headline. It writes the headline for me. A great Hook can pull millions.

I have a special Formula For Producing Benefits. It's super important to drill down to find the deep personal benefits the clients can not pass up. Benefits alone aren't enough. That's why we need the USP and Hook formulas combined.

Each section of the message must create desire to read the next section. Sort of like passing a bucket full of water along a line of people. We must put sub headlines in bold and large type throughout the letter to gain the attention of the people who are in a hurry and just skim our ad.

Tip 2 of 3: We must study our prospect. What are their activities, where do they hangout on and offline.

Through this we can produce our Lead. The beginning approach. What lead in and angle are we going to take to get their attention and gain interest? There are 6 main choices. Choosing wisely will guarantee the reader will stay with us during the entire letter, all the way to the end.

Graphics, formatting, content extensions, and lead magnets are all keys to great writing. Opt in forms to stay in touch and follow up if they don't purchase on the initial visit to our site or article.

Tip 3 of 3: We want people saying this is not a sales letter, this an information/education letter and I'm enjoying this reading experience. I like this person and trust their services. This being your services or product of course..

We want them to know they're gaining value from simply reading our sales letter or article while at the same time compelling them to want to own or use what we are offering.

I believe in having a Q and A section at the end. It shouldn't be limited to just shipping and guarantees. This is a bonus place to address deeper questions and concerns. Although these things are placed throughout the sales letter put them in the Q and A section at the end also.